$98,000 - Lazaro S. Barrera Memorial Stakes - Grade III - 19th Running - 7 Furlongs

Jockey and Trainer Quotes
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Jockey Quotes

MARTIN GARCIA, DRILL, Winner: “I was just trying to save as much ground as I could. I wasn’t really worried about that other horse (American Act) getting out because he never did that before and I don’t know why he did it that day. But whatever happened, I was ready for it. He was really into the bridle today and we were going so easy.”

GARRETT GOMEZ, AMERICAN ACT, Second: “He did everything beautifully. When horses come to him, he doesn’t have the right response yet. Even though the fractions were soft, he was just enjoying himself out there. He wasn’t worried about other horses. He has to learn to stay focused when horses come to him. It’s kind of a catch-22, you want him to respond, but you don’t want him to become super aggressive. He’ll get it over time.”

Trainer Quotes

MIKE MARLOW, ASSISTANT TRAINER (BOB BAFFERT), DRILL, Winner and GUN BOAT, Third: “I just talked to Bob on the phone. He thought (Drill) ran well and Gun Boat might need blinkers, he was hanging a little the last eighth of a mile. But I think Drill is just a better horse. It’s a good thing Gun Boat was the other horse, or he might not have let (Drill) out (laughing). Six and a half or seven furlongs may be Drill’s best distance. He kind of likes a target, just like he got today.”

JACK CARAVA, AMERICAN ACT, Second: “We talked about what a great gate horse he is before the race. He’s done that (break sharply) almost every time I’ve run him. The one time he miscalculated, he hit his mouth on the gate. Soon as those gates start to crack, he’s through them. Once he has a target he keeps trying. This was almost the same as the Santa Anita race (San Vicente Stakes Feb. 19 where Drill defeated American Act by a nose).”


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