$73,600 Manhattan Beach Stakes - 13th Running - 6 Furlongs (Turf)

Jockey and Trainer Quotes
Posted 06.08.13 at 3:29

Jockey Quotes

VICTOR ESPINOZA, KINZ FUNKY MONKEY, Winner: “If I would have let her go early, she would have really opened up. I just let her bounce out of there and keep her a little bit quiet because she’s really quick and I didn’t want to let her go too fast. The way she ran today after such a long time off, she’s unbelievable. Not too many horses could have done that. She got a little tired because she hadn’t run for so long. She’s pretty amazing and has a big heart.”

Trainer Quotes

PETER EURTON, KINZ FUNKY MONKEY, Winner: “This filly was named for Kinzie, the 11-year-old granddaughter of the owner (Rocco Aceto’s Always Believe, Inc.). He told her the story of (sire) The Green Monkey and asked what she wanted to name it. ‘Kinzie Funky Monkey,’ she said. The name was too long, so they shortened it to Kinz. This filly is so fast. The thing I was worried most about was the rail because I knew (Upbeat Mood) was going to go. We weren’t going to go head and head with her. If she gave us the lead, fine. Otherwise, we’d at least find out if she likes turf. She has the pedigree for grass. It’s easier to get her ready for a race on the grass than trying to get her ready for the synthetic. Now that we know she likes it, we have some cool things for her in the future.”


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