$100,000 - Los Angeles Handicap - Grade III - 59th Running - 6 Furlongs

Jockey and Trainer Quotes
Posted 05.30.11 at 6:40

Jockey Quotes

JOE TALAMO, CAMP VICTORY, Winner through Dq: “My horse did get affected a little bit when Mike’s horse (Amazombie) came out. He bumped Chantal’s horse and then Chantal’s bumped mine pretty good. I really thought he was going to win turning for home. Then he got bumped and shifted his weight a little bit. He was athletic enough to pick himself up and get going again. I think it would have really been close if I wouldn’t have gotten bumped. I felt he had a lot of momentum and then he got bumped sideways. Talk to my agent over there. He’s going to put me just on stakes races from now on.”

CHANTAL SUTHERLAND, M ONE RIFLE, Second through Dq: “I felt like (Camp Victory) kind of touched or brushed. So I wanted to get away from him a touch. I could see a hole that probably Mike (Smith on Amazombie) wanted to go for and it was just tiny unfortunately. He got me pretty good. He was running. I’m not sure he was going to win it, but maybe he could have held on for second just because my horse got thrown off his stride. It cost us a lot of momentum and you need momentum all the time. I don’t blame anybody…that stuff happens in horse racing all the time. I could see the hole Mike was going for. It’s too bad he couldn’t slip through there without touching me.”
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MIKE MITCHELL, CAMP VICTORY, Winner through Dq: “First, I just want to stand corrected on the disqualification of St Trinians (in the Milady Handicap May 21). After I looked at it again, not right when I was being interviewed, I could see that she did kind of push everybody and there was no room. It could have gone either way, but you know what; I should have been taken down. I thought it was a good call. And I thought this call here was a good call. I thought that he (Amazombie) came out and he should have been placed third. It looked like he hit Chantal’s horse and Chantal’s horse hit my horse. There was enough interference where I felt it should have come down. The rear end of our horse got hit pretty good. To me, even if it wasn’t us, Chantal still had some horse and when he got hit, she got hit hard. The one thing I wanted to do with this horse, because he’s by Forest Camp is not run him long. Those horses want to run short. I focused on short races, and then if I wanted to route him, I’d route him. But I think he’s a sprinter. That’s probably the one thing I wanted to change. I remember talking to Carla (Gaines, one of Camp Victory’s former trainers) after I claimed the horse and I said, ‘Gosh, it just seems like 6 1-2 down the hill (at Santa Anita) would be good. (Trainer) John (Sadler) did run him once there, but I guess he acted up in the gate. So that’s when I went back on the hill with him and he ran a big race (second in the San Simeon Handicap April 16 at Santa Anita). I’m just going to keep him around one turn.’’


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